The Things They Carried PDF download

The Things They Carried PDF download: The Things They Carried is a book written by Tim O’Brien in 1990.
The experiences of American soldiers during the Vietnam War are the main subject of this book sharing short stories that are interconnected.
The book title, The Things They Carried refers to both the physical and emotional burdens that a soldier carries during the war. At that time Tim O’Brien is a Vietnam War veteran.

The National Book Critics Circle Award and the Chicago Tribune Heartland Prize for Fiction are two awards won by the book. also, it is a Pulitzer Prize nominee.

The story of an American platoon fighting in battle on the ground during the Vietnam War is described in The Thing They Carried book. The Things They Carried, is the third book by Tim’s, that was inspired by his own experiences as a soldier in the 23rd Infantry Division.

The main characters of this book are Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, Rat Kiley, Kiowa, Norman Bowker, Henry Dobbins, Mitchell Sanders, and Ted Lavender.

The book title The Things They Carried refers not only to the physical items carried by soldiers with them but also to the emotional and psychological burdens carried by them.

The things they carried pdf download

  • Book Name: The things they carried
  • Author: Tim O’Brien
  • Publication Year: 1990
  • Genre: Fiction, War literature
  • Pages: 213
  • PDF size: 1MB

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The book explains the physical burdens they face like their personal items, weapons, and ammunition, but it also discusses their psychological burdens like guilt, trauma, and the weight of their memories.

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