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The lord of Flies pdf: Lord of the Flies is written by Nobel Prize winner British author William Golding in the year 1954. The book explains the story of a group of British teenagers who are stranded on an uninhabited island, and their struggle to manage themselves.

The story involves tensions between individualism and group thinking as well as between rational and emotional reactions, and between morality and immortality. You can download the Lord of the Flies PDF at the end of the article.

The lord of Flies pdf

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About the lord of Flies pdf

Book NameLord of the Flies
Author NameWilliam Golding
PublicationWizards of the Coast

Lord of the Flies book story

William Golding wrote and published Lord of the Flies book in 1954. Its 12 chapters tell the story of British school students brought to an island after an airplane crash during wartime; how they adapt to survival while striving to gain power and create their own society.

This book addresses the savagery of humans, in which there is no order or civilization within society or among individuals. Ralph and Piggy come together after the plane crashes to explore an island looking for other boys; eventually finding and using the conch shell as a beacon to locate everyone together before blowing it and gathering all together into one group.

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