The house on mango street pdf download

The House on mango street pdf: Famous Mexican-American author Sandra Cisneros wrote The House on Mango Street book in 1984, and Alejandro Romero created the cover of this book. Arte Publico Press published the House on Mango Street book.

There are a total of 103 pages in the book. The main theme of this book is gender inequality, sexuality, race, and social class present in The House on Mango Street.

This book was published in 20 different languages. Many American universities and schools offer classes on The House on Mango Street.

A young girl Esperanza lives in a place Mango Street and the book The House on Mango Street tells her story.
Esperanza talks about her life, her family, and the neighbors she meets. She also shares her experiences and observations about these subjects. She imagines living in her own home, a secure and liberating life. We get a glimpse of the difficulties and rewards of growing up in an underprivileged urban neighborhood through her eyes.

  • Book Name: The House on mango street
  • Author: Sandra Cisneros
  • Published: 1984
  • Pages: 103
  • PDF size: 1MB

The House on mango street pdf download

The book explores various themes such as identity, belonging, and the power of storytelling. Esperanza encounters different characters who have their own stories and struggles.

She come to know about the importance of society and the strength that can be found in sharing our stories.
The beautiful and inspirational book The House on Mango Street teaches us the value of self-discovery, resiliency, and the strength of dreams.

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