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The defiant mate free pdf: The story revolves around the unlikely romance between the protagonist and the werewolf alpha. They come from different worlds and face various obstacles as they start their relationship.
The protagonist’s refusal to conform to societal expectations clashes with the alpha’s traditional views on relationships and pack dynamics.

The main character grows from a rebellious and independent individual to someone who learns to compromise and find balance in her relationship.
Various supernatural beings, including vampires, witches, and other werewolves, either support or oppose the relationship.

  • Book Name: The Defiant Mate
  • Author: Jennifer Francis
  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Story: A fictional world where supernatural beings exist with humans
  • Main character: a strong-willed and independent human woman
  • Love Interest: a powerful werewolf alpha
  • PDF Size: 2MB

The defiant mate pdf read online free

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