Highest starting salary of an airman in Indian Air Force of X & Y group

Hello friends welcome back , today here you will come to know the exact monthly salary of an airman in Indian Air force of both x and y group.

In Indian air force there are two trade group first Y which is non technical and second one is X which is technical.

Only those students who passed their 12th class with math subject can join x group. Biology , Arts and commerce stream students can join Y group.

The salary difference between x and y group is Rs.6000 which is called technical allowance.

In this blog we will come to know the whole salary structure for the both groups and also discuss the salary of Agniveers.

salary of an airman
salary of an airman

Salary of an Airman during training

The salary of an airmen during training period is 12400 which is called stipend and after completion of his 18 months training he will get nearly Rs.04 lakh which is a great amount. It means during training period the monthly salary of an airman is Rs.32000.

In this other allowances are not included. He will get his basic salary and military service pay only. For x group their is no technical allowances are provided during training period.

Airman get paid monthly by the central govt there is no delay in the payment.

At most of the places the working days are 05. There is holiday of saturday and sunday. But it is not compulsory you may be called for duty at any time.

Monthly highest salary of an airman

  • Basic Pay : 22500 stating salary
  • Military service pay : 5500
  • House rent allowances : from 2000 to 12000 depends of city
  • Transportation allowances : 2000
  • dearnance allowance : approx. 10000
  • technical allowance : 6000 for x group only
  • hardship allowances : As per location
  • Ration allowances for persons living with their family : 4000
  • Diwali bonus : 6000

By including these all pays minimum salary of an airman is Rs.45000 and maximum salary is near Rs.65000 for technical trades. This data is also taken from Indian air force airman pay slip.

The starting salary of air force is 32000 during training period after his training the monthly minimum salary of y group is Rs.45000 for non technical tradesman. In x group trade the starting salary in air force is Rs.55000 . In some cases where hardship allowance are included than the salary is Rs.65000.

Air Force Group C salary

  • Basic Pay : 22500 stating salary
  • House rent allowances : from 2000 to 12000 depends of city
  • Transportation allowances : 2000
  • dearnance allowance : approx. 10000
  • technical allowance : 6000 for x group only
  • hardship allowances : As per location
  • Ration allowances for persons living with their family : 4000

salary of air force group c is nearly Rs.40000. In this you will not get military service pay. their are different types of work for group c personnel. these c group persons are called non-combatant personnel.

How many days of leave airman get in a year

  1. 60 days of annual leave
  2. 30 days of casual leave
  3. An airman can encash 30 days of leave in a year and total 300 days leave in year.

Monthly inhand Salary of air force Agniveer

Salary of Agniveer is same for all services air force , navy and army. There is no difference between salary.

yearTotal salaryInhand salarycontribution to PFContribution by govt
1 300002100090009000
salary of agniveer

This is the total salary of agniveer for 4 years. After the completion of 4 years he will get 11.71 Lakh as a seva nidhi plan.

Allowances of Agniveer , higesht salary of agniveer

  • Risk and Hardship : as per different location from 3000 to 18000
  • Dress Allowances : 10000 per year
  • Travel allowances : For 3AC train
  • Other Allowances : temporary duty allowance

After adding some allowances the highest inhand monthly salary of an agniveer will be near Rs..45000.

Benefits provided to an Agniveer / salary and perks of agniveer

  • An amount of 11.71 lakh shall be given to Agniveers After the completion of 4 years.
  • 30 days of annual leave granted in a year and also he can take sick leave.
  • After the completion of 04 years only 25% agniveers will be selected for the regular services. 
  • Agniveers will also be provided with a non-contributory Life Insurance of 48 lakhs. 
  • In case of death during service his next of kin will get 44 lakh.
  • Agniveers shall also be provided canteen and medical facilities. 

Can girls apply for agniveer / Eligibility criteria for girl agniveer

  • yes, girls can also apply for agniveer. Indian Navy and air force also released notification.
  • girls will trained with the boys but they have separate room.
  • Women candidates who want to take part in Agniveer Bharti, their age should be between 17½ years to 21 years
  • She should be 10th pass and should be unmarried as well
  • His height should be 152 inches i.e. 4 feet 11 inches.

Criteria for Physical Test of Agniveer full procedures

  • After passing the written exam, Agniveer girls will be called for physical test, they will have to complete 1.6 kilometer running in 8 minutes which is aslo easy and 15 sit-ups and 10 sit-ups will also be done.
  • After passing the physical , medical test will be done , which will be done at INS Chilka.
  • After which their final selection will be done and posting will be given to them.

Full selection procedure for air force agniveer : 7 steps

There are 7 steps you have to go through for the selection in agniveer.

In the written exam English is common for x and y group.

In Y group you have RAGA section and in x group there are math and physics of 12th level.

There are 20 questions of English from every topic.

  1. written exam
  2. physical test
  3. group discussion
  4. psychology test
  5. medical test
  6. Final medical list
  7. Remedical before joining

If you have any doubt or query regarding air force salary , leave , selection procedure you can contact me through email or you can comment.

Here I tried my best to provide you exact data.

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