Geetanjali salon prices list [Latest 2023]

There’s definitely salons in every street and in every neighborhood in India and today we’ll look at the most renowned Geetanjali Salon prices list in 2023. It is a salon that has been established in several cities across India. Geetanjali Salon was established in 1989 by the co-founders of the salon Mr. Prem Israni and Mrs. Neetu Israni at Green Park South Delhi. From 1989 to the present, the salon has been providing the best experience to customers.

Are you looking for the menu card from Geetanjali Salon or finding the Geetanjali Salon Price list, Rate Card, Services, etc? You’re in the right place, this article will provide the price list as well as services offered through Geetanjali Salon. 

Before we look at the list of prices, let us learn more about Geetanjali Salon like where it began, who is its owner, where it’s located, and much more.

Geetanjali Salon Services List

Geetanjali salon provides a lot of services which are mentioned below.

  • Haircuts Services
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Pre-bridal Makeup
  • Party makeup
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Style
  • Face Rituals
  • Body Spa
  • Nail Bar
  • Skin Rituals

About Geetanjali Salon

Geetanjali is a popular salon across India. There are more than 150 locations all over India with more than 4000 technicians and artists offer their services. The salon boasts nearly thirty years experience. The salons are elegant and well-designed. A lot of people have visited here to receive their servicesA.

Co-FounderMr. Prem Israni and Mrs. Neetu Israni
IndustryConsumer Service
HeadquartersNew Delhi, Delhi
Employees1,001-5,000 employees

Geetanjali Salon Prices List: Hair Services

Straight Blow Dry300 onwards
Outcuris350 onwards
ironing400 onwards
Wringlets500 onwards
Chignon / Updo800 onwards
Geetanjali salon prices list hair servies
Keratin5000 onwards
L’oreal Straightening5000 onwards
Perming5000 onwards
Strait Therapy6000 onwards
Color Application750 Per Box
Root Touch Up850 onwards
Root Touch-Up (Ammonia Free)1000 onwards
Color Cleansing900 onwards
Highlights (Crown)2000 onwards
Highlights (Global)4000 onwards
Global3000 onwards
Hair Cut (with wash)500
Girls (below 5 years)200
Split Ends450
Fringe / Flick300
Shampoo (L’oreal)100
Shampoo & Conditioner (L’oreal).200
Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner350
L’oreal Spa700 onwards
Mythic Spa1200 onwards
Luxury Spa (with Ampoule)1500 onwards
Coconut Oil300
Almond Oil350
Olive Oil400

Geetanjali Salon prices list: Beauty Services

Upperlip / Forehead / Chin40 (each)
Katori Wax (Upperlip/Chin/Nose)60 (each)
Katori Wax (Side Wax)150
Full Face Threading250
Full Face Waxing400
Geetanjali salon prices list beauty servues
Classic / Inhouse400 / 450
Crystal700 / 750
Luxury900 M000
Hand / Foot Spa200 / 250
Nail Cut /Filing50 / 50
Nail Paint100
French Nail Paint200
Eye Makeup1000 onwards
Trial Make Up1500 onwards
Face Make Up2200 onwards
Light Make Up3500 onwards
Occasion Make Up5500 onwards
Bridal Make Up8000 onwards
Saree Drape400 onwards
Light Makeup4500 onwards
Occasion Makeup7500 onwards
Bridal Makeup12000 onwards
Clean up1000
Geeanjali Inhouse Facial1250
03+ Clean up1500
03+ Facial2300
03+ Facial (Advanced)2800
Rubber Mask500
D Tan350
Hands / Feet150 each
Half Arms / legs300 each
Half front / Back300 each
Arm/Legs500 each
Full Body2500
Arms350 / 550
Legs350 / 550
Underarms50 / 100
Half Front I Back350 / 450
Full Front500 / 700
Full Back500 / 700
Extra Wax600 / 1000
Full Body Wax2000 / 3000
Coconut Oil1200
Almond Oil1400
Olive Oil1800
Body Scrub2500
Body Polish3000

Geetanjali Make Up Prices list

Type of Make UpTimePrice
Light Makeup45 Min₹3,540
Bridal Makeup90 Min₹11,800
Occasion Makeup60 Min₹7,080
Only Half-Face Trial Makeup30 Min₹1,180
Only Half Face Air Brush Trial Makeup30 Min₹1,180
Air Brush Light Makeup45 Min₹5,900
Light Makeup45 Min₹3,540
Air Brush Bridal Makeup90 Min₹14,750
Air Brush Occasion Makeup60 Min₹8,850
Geetanjali salon prices list make up

Geetanjali Body Bleach Prices list for Female

Type of BodyTimePrices
Bleach – Hand15 Min₹236
Bleach – Half Arms20 Min₹472
Face Bleach20 Min₹590
Feet Bleach15 Min₹236
Half Legs Bleach20 Min₹472
Half Front Bleach20 Min₹472
Full Arms Bleach30 Min₹708
Full Leg Bleach30 Min₹708
Full Front Bleach30 Min₹708
Body D Tan20 Min₹708
Geetanjali salon prices list body bleach

In conclusion

Geetanjali Salon is one of the top Salon chains across India since 1989 when it was started by the late Mr. Prem Israni and Mrs. Neetu Israni. The business is now managed by the son of their founders, the world’s most well-known celebrity hair artist Mr. Sumit Israni.

 Geetanjali Salon provides their customer’s extravagant experience with hair skin, Hands & Feer, a Barber Shop and Makeup Shop as well as other services. The head office is located in New Delhi and it is entirely a private company. It has over 120 outlets across India.

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