Essential sociology by nitin sangwan pdf

Essential Sociology by nitin sangwan pdf: In this article, we’ll be sharing with you the Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan PDF, you can read or download it from here at no cost using this direct link to download that is provided in the post below. We will provide you with all the details about the Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan PDF as well as the direct download link for the PDF.

The 2nd Edition of Essential Sociology by nitin sangwan now covers Sociology in a much more thorough way. The book is the result of the feedback received from the devoted readers. The book now caters to the requirements of not just UPSC Civil Services aspirants, but also NET aspirants and undergraduate students as well.

Essential Sociology by nitin sangwan pdf download

Here is the download link for Nitin Sangwan essential sociology book pdf which you can very easily download on your google drive.

About Nitin Sangwan Sociology pdf

Book NameEssential Sociology
AuthorNitin Sangwan, Seema, Shruti Jakha
Size253 MB
No of Pages547
LocationGoogle Drive

Contents: Nitin Sangwan Sociology PDF

This book is divided into two parts and in the second part, there are total three sections. There are total 25 chapters in Nitin Sangwan book.

Part I

  • Chapter-1 Sociology- The Discipline
  • Chapter-2 Sociology as Science
  • Chapter-3 Research method
  • Chapter-4 Social Thinkers
  • Chapter-5 Stratification and Mobility
  • Chapter-6 Work and Economic Life
  • Chapter-7 Politics and Society
  • Chapter-8 Religion and Society
  • Chapter-9 Systems of Kinship
  • Chapter-10 Social Changes in modern society

Part II

Section A- Introducing Indian Society

  • Chapter-11 Perspectives on the Study of Indian Society
  • Chapter-12 Impact of Colonial Rule on Indian Society

Section B- Social Structure

  • Chapter-13 Rural and Agrarian Social Structure
  • Chapter-14 Caste System
  • Chapter-15 Tribal Communities in India
  • Chapter-16 Social Cases in India
  • Chapter-17 System of Kinship in India
  • Chapter-18 Religion and Society

Section C- Social Changes in India

  • Chapter-19 Vision of social changes in India
  • Chapter-20 Rural and Agrarian Transformation in India
  • Chapter-21 Industrialization and Urbanisations in India
  • Chapter-22 Politics and Society
  • Chapter-23 Social Movements in Modern India
  • Chapter-24 Population Dynamics
  • Chapter-25 Challenges of social transformations

Features of Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan book

  • 50+ solved model questions that will be extremely useful for Civil Service Exam aspirants, and students at universities and colleges.
  • The book has 750+ definitions that are added in this book as glossaries to make it easier to comprehend the topic
  •  Current data and figures are up to date to provide readers with the latest information  
  • The key terms are highlighted in the book to ensure the reader isn’t missing important concepts


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