Download Lucent General English Grammar book pdf free 2023

Lucent General English Grammar book pdf: Hello friends, are you all looking for Lucent English Grammar book pdf? then you come to the right place. In today’s blog, you can very easily download Lucent English book pdf from here. 

Lucent English Grammar Latest edition book is important for Banking Exams, Railway Exams, Defence Exams, SSC Exams, University Admission Exam, Language Learning Books, School Admission Exams, Teaching Exams, NDA & CDS Exams, etc competitive exams. In the Lucent English book, all the important topics of English grammar are covered as per the latest exam patterns.

Lucent englsih grammar book pdf
Lucent English grammar book pdf

Topics of Lucent English grammar book

In Lucent English book you will get all topics of grammar and vocabulary which are very useful for every competitive exam.

lucent publication English grammar book pdf consists all topics including exercise. this book is best for beginners all the concepts are covered in the lucent book.

जो students Competitive Exam की तैयारी कर रहे है वे lucent english grammar english edition pdf को जरूर Download करे और अपने साथ पढ़ने वाले Students को भी share करे। इस book के  topics की list  निचे दि गयी है। 

4Noun and the  Number
5Noun and the Gender
6Non and the Case
9Interchange of degree of comparison
10Time and Tense
13Removal of Too
15Verb Form
16Auxiliary Verbs
20Non – finites
21Question Tags
22Emphatic with Do/Does/Did
23Common Error
24Correction of the Sentsences
25Transformation of sentences – I
26Analysis of Sentences
27Transformation of Sentences – II
28Synthesis of Sentences
31One Word Substitution
32Phrasal Verbs
33Words Often Confused
34Idioms and Phrases
36Foreign Words and Phrases
37Spelling Test
39The Same word used as Different Parts of Speech

About Lucent English Grammar book pdf

Lucent English Grammar Book is written by A K Thakur sir available in PDF for download which is very useful for every student who is preparing for exams. 

Book Namelucent English Grammar Book PDF
Author NameA K Thakur
PublicationLucent Publication Indian Ltd
Total Page750+ Page
Type PDF
Size 116MB

Download Lucent General English Grammar book

In this post, you will get Lucent English Grammar PDF to download for free. The book is published by Lucent Publication and the author of this book is AK Thakur sir.

Lucent English Grammar book price

Lucent English grammar book pdf download in Hindi is available on Amazon for Rs.238. You can also buy this book. The pdf is provided to check the content of this book.

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