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12 Rules for Life pdf: “12 Rules for Life book pdf” is a famous book written by Jordan Peterson. Today we are going to provide you with 12 Rules for life pdf free download. You can very easily download 12 Rules for Life pdf in google drive by clicking on three dots of the book.

In this book, there are total 448 pages in its hardcover edition and 320 pages in the ebook version. This book was related on 23 jan 2018 in Canada by Random House Publications.

“12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” is a self-help book written by Jordan Peterson that provides helpful guidance on leading a meaningful life in the complicated and chaotic world of today. The main ideas of the book and Peterson’s 12 rules will be discussed in this article.

At the end of this article you will get the download link of this book from there you can very easily download this book in your google drive.

About 12 Rules for Life pdf

Book Name12 rules for life
Author Jordan Peterson
Genresself-help book
Total Page448 Pages
Type PDF
Size 5 MB

12 Rules for Life book pdf free download

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12 rules for life pdf
12 rules for life pdf

12 Rules for life book Rules

  • Rule 1: Stand up straight with your shoulders back.
  • Rule 2: Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping.
  • Rule 3: Make friends with people who want the best for you.
  • Rule 4: Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.
  • Rule 5: Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them.
  • Rule 6: Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world.
  • Rule 7: Pursue what is meaningful (not what is expedient).
  • Rule 8: Tell the truth – or, at least, don’t lie.
  • Rule 9: Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t.
  • Rule 10: Be precise in your speech.
  • Rule 11: Do not bother children when they are skateboarding.
  • Rule 12: Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street.

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